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Rain Gutters

Rain Gutters

What Is A Rain Gutter?

A rain gutter is a simple arrangement used in a building’s water discharge system. It is also called gutter or guttering, a trough or channel that runs along the perimeter of the roof, collects the rainwater runoff from the roof, and discharges it.

The rainwater discharged using a rain gutter system is conveyed to a drainage system using downpipes. Michaels Sheet Metal are Residential & Commercial Rain Gutter Contractors in Beverly Hills, Malibu, La Canada, Arcadia

How Do Rain Gutter Systems Work?

A rain gutter system channels water out and away from the building’s foundation. As a result, it reduces the risks of:

  • Flooded basement

  • Damaged siding

  • Erosion

  • Ruining landscaping

it consists of a gutter, end cap, fascia bracket, downspout, downspout bracket, and elbow. The gutter captures the water that sheds off the roof. The downspout or leader conveys water from the gutter to the ground. This water is taken away as per the drainage plan.

The end of the gutter is closed using an end cap. Fascia brackets are components that support the gutters from below and are attached to the eaves.

The downspout running through the side of the building is supported using a downspout bracket. The direction of the downspout is changed using elbows.

metal roofs

Rain Gutter Material

Rain gutters were traditionally made out of lead, which was later replaced by cast iron. The use of cast iron for rain gutter facilitates mass production. Later, gutters were manufactured using aluminum alloys, uPVC sections, galvanized steel, copper, stainless steel, zinc, etc.

Rain gutters are also available in different shapes and sizes. Metal gutters are found to be more durable and demand less maintenance.

The commonly used rain gutter designs are:

  • Box Gutters

  • Fascia Gutters

  • Square Gutters

  • Round Gutters

  • Quad or D Gutters

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